Apple has sent out an email reminding developers about the new Kids category, originally announced at WWDC. The email explains that the category is intended to provide a ‘safe-haven’ for parents that want to find age appropriate apps for their children.

For apps aimed at users below the age of 11, developers can now select from three more finely-grained age ranges; under 5, 6-8 and 9-11.

Apple reiterates that the new Kids section will be distinct from the rest of the App Store and apps can still appear in other categories nonetheless. Even so, the current Kids subcategory in Games will be removed when the new area is introduced this fall.

The App Store is getting many changes ahead of iOS 7 targeted at children, in addition to this change. We have already reported on changes to the approval guidelines about how only non-behavioural tracking is permissible for apps centred around young children.

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