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After multiple years without the ability to ship to Puerto Rico, Apple’s Online Store has been updated with the ability to ship to the United States territory. The option became active this week, and is noted on Apple’s shipping and delivery webpage.

Apple notes on its website that average transit time is 2-5 days, and carrier deliveries occur twice a week in Culebra and Vieques (major islands off of mainland Puerto Rico). Overnight shipping is also an option for certain regions in Puerto Rico for an extra cost.

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Apple’s website (cached screenshot above), as recent as earlier this week, noted that the Online Store could not ship to Puerto Rico. The other countries listed above still cannot receive direct shipments. For these regions, Apple recommends visiting an authorized reseller.

Website Tecnetico says that Apple confirmed the addition of shipping to Puerto Rico. Additionally, the site says that it successfully ordered an iPod shuffle from the Apple Online Store to an address in Puerto Rico.

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