Chinese site CTechCN is showing photos of what they claim to be the logic board for the upcoming iPhone 5C. When compared with alleged photos of the iPhone 5S logic board, we can see slight design differences.

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Of course, like with many leaks, it’s tough to verify the legitimacy of these photos, so it’s wise not to read too far into them. Yesterday, the same site published photos of what they believed to be the packaging for the iPhone 5S, and before that, the packaging for the iPhone 5C.

CTechCN also posted a comparison photo that shows the logic board in iPhone 5C casing:

iPhone 5C

When viewed side-by-side with photos of the current iPhone 5 logic board, we can see how similar the two look, which lines up with reports that the iPhone 5C is basically an iPhone 5 in a plastic shell. 

Apple will announce the iPhone 5S and 5C on September 10th.  You can check out our predictions here. 

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