iOS7: It’s the LAW™

The New York City Police Department is apparently handing out the above fliers at subway exits encouraging people to upgrade to iOS 7 for its improved security featuring ‘Activation Lock’. According to another Twitter follower, they are also (comically) handing out the flyers at Apple Stores where people are walking out with new iPhone 5S/5Cs with iOS 7 installed.

AllthingsD reports that the campaign extends to Facebook where  Park Slope parents are also being encouraged to update their iOS devices.

The move by the NYPD isn’t without precedent. The Attorney Generals of New York and San Francisco both applauded Apple’s iOS 7 security improvements, specifically Activation Lock.

“After months of pressure from a global coalition of elected officials and law enforcement agencies, we are pleased that Apple is set to release a new mobile operating system that includes a theft deterrent feature called Activation Lock. This is an important first step towards ending the global epidemic of smartphone theft.

“In the months ahead, it is our hope that Activation Lock will prove to be an effective deterrent to theft, and that the widespread use of this new system will end the victimization of iPhone users, as thieves learn that the devices have no value on the secondary market. We are particularly pleased that – because Activation Lock is a feature associated with Apple’s new operating system as opposed to a new device – it will be available to consumers with older phone models who download the free upgrade.

“While it is too early to tell if Activation Lock will be a comprehensive solution to the epidemic of ‘Apple Picking’ crimes that have victimized iPhone and iPad owners around the world, we believe it is a step forward and strongly urge iPhone users to download iOS 7, and most importantly, ensure they utilize both an Apple ID and Find My iPhone. We also encourage Apple to make Activation Lock a fully opt-out solution in order to guarantee widespread adoption, and strongly urge the other leading manufacturers of smartphones to quickly implement effective theft deterrents that protect their customers from violent crime.”

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