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Today, Apple Senior Vice President of Internet Services has launched a new iTunes section accessibly solely to Apple employees. The new section is designed to highlight media (such as books, songs, TV shows, and movies) worked on by Apple employees. Cue introduced the new initiative to employees via email:


One of the things that makes Apple special is that every person here, no matter where they are or what they do, shares the same deep passion for creativity and innovation. We see this passion most noticeably in the products we make and in the experiences we create for our customers. But it’s in other places, too.

For instance, in addition to their work here at Apple, many employees have helped create some amazing books, songs, movies and TV shows on iTunes. In celebration of their achievements, as well as the creative pursuits of everybody at Apple, we’re launching a new internal website today.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to our very own Employees on iTunes.


This new employee perk is yet another addition to Apple in recent years. Apple has been offering employees free apps, books, gift bags, and significant product discounts. Interestingly, Cue does not mention App Store apps in his email. This is likely because Apple does not allow employees to develop their own apps for sale due to a “do not compete” clause in Apple employee contracts.

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