Hyper, the company behind many battery packs, Wi-Fi enabled storage solutions, and external MacBook battery packs, is today launching another unique battery solution that caught our eye. The new HyperJuice Expand is a three USB port battery pack that will let you charge up to two iPads and an iPhone at once, but the really interesting part is the new patented solution for magnetically attached battery packs of various sizes. 

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Hyper is selling a head unit with three usb ports for $20, and then various battery sizes that attach magnetically to the head. If you want a small battery pack in your pocket, you can attach the $20 3,000mAh unit for 1-2 hours of extra charge time, or a 6000mAh, 9000 mAh, or 12000 mAh battery packs ranging from $39 to $79 for up to 6 hours of charging time. The battery packs will also let you swap out various colors that conveniently match the new iPhone 5c, and it also builds in an LED battery level indicator and LED flash light.

The variety of mAh allows for a range of recharging the iPhone from two to eight times or extend the latest iPad mini from 6.5 to 26 hours or the iPad Air from 3 to 13 hours depending on the chosen cells. The battery includes three USB ports (18W shared), consisting of 2 x 12W Max (5V, 2.4A Max) USB ports and 1 x 5W Max (5V, 1A Max) USB port. Finally, in an area overlooked by most other high capacity batteries which only feature 5W recharging, HyperJuice Expand allows for itself to be recharged twice as fast via 10W (5V, 2.1A Max) micro USB input, so the user can speed less time recharging the HyperJuice Expand and more time powering his/her mobile devices.

Hyper will start selling the new Expand battery packs from its website this week.

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