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Samsung hasn’t officially launched its next-gen smartphone, the Galaxy S5, just yet but the comparisons to Apple’s latest model are already starting. The S5 features a fingerprint-reader much like the iPhone’s, so YouTube user iCrackUriDevice put both phones head-to-head to determine which device sported the superior scanner.

Both devices have pros and cons. The iPhone 5s has the ability to scan your fingerprint from any angle, while the Galaxy can only detect a downward swipe across the scanner at a very specific angle. On the other hand, the Galaxy can use its fingerprint reader to authorize PayPal purchases, while the iPhone can only authenticate sales on Apple’s own iTunes store.

In terms of speed, both phones are pretty fast, but the awkward angle of the Galaxy’s scanner makes it difficult to get right on the first try or using only one hand, which can cause it to fail on the first few tries. Overall the iPhone seems to have the advantage here, though the Galaxy’s is a bit more capable. You can see the full review of both systems in the video above.

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