CENTR, a startup created by a group of former iPhone camera engineers, has developed a video camera that creates 360-degree views, allowing viewers to pan around the image during playback.

CENTR allows you to capture your experiences and share them in a whole new way. Capture 360° video in real-time on a camera that fits in the palm of your hand. With decades of experience working on cameras at Apple, the CENTR team knows what it takes to bring beautiful design and groundbreaking technology together in one product …


The technology to do this isn’t new, but usually requires expensive and clunky kit, like the version the company previously created for commercial and military applications. What CENTR has achieved is to create a small, lightweight device intended to retail at $400 – with a limited number of Kickstarter pre-orders available for $299.

The CENTRcamera is compatible with GoPro mounts, which is likely to make it popular with those into action sports.

It’s not certain the camera will make it into production, but with $130k of a $900k goal raised on day 1 of 30, things are looking hopeful. You can back the project on the company’s Kickstarter page.

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