Vimeo announced today that it’s launching an updated Apple TV app that introduces a redesigned user interface that cuts down on “the number of clicks it takes to watch a video and improves video discovery overall.” That mostly includes a redesigned menu that will give you quick access to the most popular videos as well as your Watch Later queue and your own content. 

“As the Vimeo On Demand collection continues to build (currently 10K titles and growing daily), it’s more important than ever to provide our viewers with a seamless living room experience,” said Nick Alt, VP of Mobile and TV, Vimeo. “Our ‘Watch Later’ feature makes videos found on Vimeo immediately accessible across all connected devices, and with this latest AppleTV update we’re making content even more discoverable.”

Features you’ll find in the new app include a redesigned Featured Home page that shows off highlights user channels and albums in addition to 20 curated channels chosen by Vimeo. Also new is a revamped Video Detail page that includes “background images, additional clip metadata such as audience ratings, reviews, extra features, and more content from creators.” Vimeo tells us that the new Apple TV app will also feature a VOD Trailers section that offers previews of upcoming feature films and series: 

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Starting now, browse thousands of Vimeo On Demand trailers from the unrelenting comfort of your couch. When you find a title that grabs your interest, add it to your Watch Later queue and purchase it when you’re ready. Any titles you’ve purchased will appear in Watch Later and under My Videos.

Some other new features you can expect to find in the new Vimeo app: filter preferences carried over from your Vimeo account when logged in and easier browsing with the ability to “Hit the “more” button on a video to see other videos from that creator, along with related Albums, Channels, and Groups.” 

Lastly, Vimeo shared details on new “hidden” features:

Enjoy continuous playback anywhere — simply press the play button on your remote while any video thumbnail is selected. Also: Quickly like or add a video to your Watch Later queue by holding down the center (select) button on your remote. Super stealth… Before that next professional kicking game begins, log in to Vimeo on Apple TV to speedily discover and watch amazing videos, films, and series. GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL!

The updated Vimeo app is rolling out to Apple TV users today.

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