A couple of reports yesterday and today have highlighted a little tidbit of information many have been wondering about the upcoming Apple Watch: How will the device make sure payments via Apple Pay are secure? Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have the convenient Touch ID sensor to validate that your purchases are indeed being done by you, but new information suggests that the Apple Watch is going to accomplish this security in a slightly different way…

Apparently, the Apple Watch is going to use a PIN code to authorize Apple Pay, after which the device will remain authorized as long as it remains on your wrist. It accomplishes this using one or more of the sensors on the back of the watch, which can intelligently determine if you’ve taken it off. After you’ve taken it off, the watch is locked out from being to work with Apple Pay until you enter your PIN again.

Apple officially unveiled the Apple Watch wearable at its September event yesterday in three different models, touting the device as having a retina display, a”Digital Crown” for controlling the device in innovative ways, a “Taptic Engine” that can simulate a tap on the wrist, and much more. The device will require an iPhone 5 or later, and is going to launch in 2015 starting at $349.

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