With iOS 8 set for public release tomorrow, Apple has posted a new guide on its website detailing the best way for Android switchers to move content from their old device to their new iPhone. The detailed guide includes instructions on transferring Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Photos, Videos, Music, Books, Documents, and Apps and highlights a number of third-party apps to get the job done.

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In the guide, Apple recommends different iOS features as well as third-party apps like Copy My Data, Photo Sync, and AT&T Mobile Transfer for transferring content that iOS can’t handle itself.

Apple also highlights some of its own apps in the guide by recommending users download Numbers, Pages, and Keynote for document editing after transferring files over to a new iPhone. For music, Apple offers instructions for pulling music off an Android device using Android File Transfer and syncing it to an iPhone using iTunes. As for getting apps over to your new iPhone, you’re on your own:

You’ll probably find the apps you’re already using on the App Store. Go to the App Store, search for the apps you have now, and install them. Then sign in with your user name and password.

Apple published the new guide ahead of tomorrow’s public iOS 8 launch and new iPhone 6 models going on sale September 19You can view Apple’s full guide for transferring content from an Android phone to iPhone here.

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