If anyone has more interest than its owner in how well a phone survives accidents, it’s the insurance companies that have to fork out afterwards. iDevice warranty specialists SquareTrade put the iPhone 6 through a series of breakability tests, and found that it was the toughest iPhone yet.

The tests began with ‘grippability’ – how likely you are to drop the phone in the first place – then ran through slide tests, submersion in water and a series of six drops from a height of four feet … 


The iPhone 6 passed with flying colors, not only out-performing all previous iPhones but beating every phone ever tested in the drop tests.

After six drops, the iPhone 6 had only a few nicks and scratches – that’s the best any phone has ever performed in our drop tests.

Surviving ten seconds immersion in water was likely helped by the new rubber gaskets around the volume buttons discovered during iFixit’s teardown.

The 6 Plus didn’t do quite so well in the drop test, the front and rear panels separating and audio ceasing to function, but still performed well enough to win the rating for “most durable phone with a screen larger than five inches.”

The tests didn’t include bendability, though it appears from a video test that the pressure required to bend one is pretty extreme.

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