Update Dec. 9: Now at 63%

Update Dec. 24: 1% increase to 64% since two weeks ago

Apple today updated its App Store Distribution data for developers to announce that iOS 8 is now installed on 60% of devices as of earlier this week. The data is collected from App Store visits on November 24 and is up from the 55% of devices iOS 8 was on when Apple last checked in early this month.

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While adoption of iOS 8 this year has lagged behind last year’s iOS 7 release, Apple made a point of noting at its event back in October that iOS adoption is still far outpacing Android. At the time, Apple noted that iOS 8 was at 48% of users compared to 54% of Android users running Android Jelly Bean first released in 2012 and only 25% running the latest Android KitKat release.


Apple reached 60% adoption for iOS 8 in just over 60 days since its release compared to 313 days it took for KitKat to reach 25% of Android users.

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