A Taiwanese financial news site cited by Apple Toolbox claims that Apple plans to double the RAM in next year’s iPhones from 1GB to 2GB, and the iPad Air from 2GB to 4GB.

As sources of Apple-related news goes, the citation has to rank somewhere in the Digitimes arena, but it was a Taiwanese supply-chain rumor (dart throwing?) that correctly predicted the previous RAM doubling from 1GB in the original iPad Air to 2GB in the iPad Air 2 – albeit a prediction made rather closer to launch … 


Apple has always been somewhat stingy with RAM compared to similarly high-end Android devices, but a direct comparison is unfair. The tight integration between hardware and software has enabled Apple to maximize the efficient use of RAM. And while the financial cost of adding a further 1-2GB of RAM is small, additional RAM also consumes more power.

The power consumption difference isn’t significant in standby mode, but does become a little more so during read and write operations. We’re still talking small differences, but for the iPad in particular where all-day battery-life has long been a key attraction of the device, each individual power-saving adds up.

That said, there’s no doubt that the 2GB RAM in the iPad Air 2 made a real difference. I’ve definitely seen reduced page refreshing when running multiple tabs in Safari since upgrading from the original Air, and judging from the number of threads in the Apple Support Communities, there is certainly demand for the same on the iPhone.

If you’ve upgraded to the iPad Air 2, have you noticed a real improvement? And for iPhone owners, how big a deal would it be to get more RAM? As ever, let us know your views in the poll and comments.

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