Demonstrating the types of apps that will increasingly migrate from Apple’s tablets to its larger iPhone 6 models, Savage Interactive has released Procreate Pocket ($3), a shrunken-down version of its signature iPad app Procreate. Widely admired for its professional-grade drawing tools, Procreate previously enabled tablet users to compose multi-layer illustrations using numerous brushes and a mistake-friendly, multi-layer Undo tool.

Now focused on on-the-go sketching, Procreate Pocket pares down the brush selection to 12, with the ability to add additional brushes online, and wireless sharing of compositions with the iPad.

Similar to the tablet version, Procreate Pocket includes layers, a 250-level undo feature — key when drawing with a finger on small screens — and supports a 4K-resolution canvas for all iPhone 5 and 6 models.

Blurring, 64-bit color accuracy, and advanced selection tools have also been brought over from the iPad app. For instructional purposes, Procreate Pocket can also directly record the creation process directly to your device in 1080p video form. Procreate Pocket is available in the App Store now for $3, and Procreate for iPad is available for $6.

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