Data from Yahoo-owned analytics company Flurry shows that iPhones and iPads comprised more than half of all mobile device activations between 19th and 25th December, at 51.3% – almost three times as many as second-placed Samsung.

Apple accounted for 51% of the new device activations worldwide Flurry recognized in the week leading up to and including Christmas Day (December 19th – 25th). Samsung held the #2 position with 18% of new device activations, and Microsoft (Nokia) rounded out the top three with 5.8% share for mostly Lumia devices. After the top three manufacturers, the device market becomes increasingly fragmented with only Sony and LG commanding more than one percent share of new activations on Christmas Day.

The company notes that while Chinese companies Xiaomi, Huawei and HTC didn’t reach 1%, this reflects the fact that Christmas is not celebrated in their home market … 


In terms of individual devices, the iPhone 6 unsurprisingly took the #1 slot, while the iPhone 6 Plus took fifth place. Flurry noted that there had been a significant switch from tablets to phablets compared to previous years, with the iPhone 6 Plus playing a significant role in this trend. It was reported earlier this month that Apple’s phablet had captured 41% of all US phablet sales in the August to October quarter.


Flurry obtains its data by tracking installations of more than 600,000 apps, noting the platform on which they are installed. As you’d expect, games and messaging apps were the most popular categories during the holidays.

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