We saw Misfit introduce a unique, luxury version of its Shine fitness and sleep tracking wearable with Swarovski at CES yesterday, and today Misfit is launching Bolt—its first smart bulb. Misfit describes Bolt as ” a wirelessly connected color-changing light bulb that lets users personalize their home lighting.” Misfit points out that its Bolt connected light bulbs won’t require a hub and actually integrate with the company’s existing sleep tracking devices (Shine, Flash, Beddit) to gently wake you up with lighting during light sleep.

The Misfit Bolt smart light bulb boasts the ability to change between millions of colors combinations and ships with premade scenes and the ability to change lighting based on photos you choose for creating landscapes.

Misfit says the Bolt’s build ensures no hot spots and provides wide-angle lighting while its aluminum base acts as a heat sink.

The Bolt smart light bulb will be controlled via the company’s upcoming Misfit Home app for both iOS and Android. Misfit says Bolt will also be able to be controlled by Logitech’s Harmony Home remote and app. The Misfit Bolt smart light bulb is available for pre-order at misfit.com with a $49.99 price tag per bulb and on display this week at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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