Update: It looks like Apple removed the images of the refreshed keyboard after we published this story.

A refreshed version of the Apple Wireless Keyboard appears to be on the way as an updated model was spotted today on Apple’s Czech Republic online store (via letemsvetemapplem.eu).

While Apple appears to have let the image of the new keyboard leak early, it hasn’t updated the accompanying description for the product to mention new features. We can, however, make out a few changes including new buttons on the F5 and F6 keys indicating the new model may feature backlit keys. Apple also switched the CD eject button, which is all but useless for most people at this point, and replaced it with a power button the same as the keyboards on its MacBooks in recent years.

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There aren’t many other visible changes from the image, but it’s possible there could be features hiding that we can’t see, or perhaps a rechargeable battery and USB charging is too much to ask for. Backlit keys and a rechargeable battery are somewhat standard these days for comparable keyboards from other brands.

While the presumably leaked image is on Apple’s official website, the power key is noticeably misaligned. The keyboard maintains the same VAG Rounded font found on the current Apple Wireless Keyboard and most MacBook keyboards aside from the new 12-inch MacBook which uses the Apple Watch’s San Francisco font.

Apple made minor tweaks to the keyboard back in 2011 to add and update keys for new OS X features like Launchpad and Mission Control, but otherwise it has remained the same since being introduced and bundled alongside new iMacs in 2009.


It’s not clear when the new keyboard will arrive, but we’ll be keeping an eye on Apple’s online store in case the company decides to roll it out as a silent update.

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