Want to read ebooks on your Apple Watch one word at a time? Of course you don’t.

There are apps that make a lot of sense for the smaller display and the quick access that Apple Watch provides, but this ebook reader certainly doesn’t hit that sweet spot. Perhaps some people are interested in reading books on their wrist one word at a time, but for others (most?), this new Wear Reader app is a great example of what not to do with Apple Watch apps:

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Wear Reader flashes text rapidly on the screen one word at a time to suppress your inner vocalization and allow you to read quickly while still fully understanding the text.

Missed a word? No problem. It’s as convenient as pulling out your iPhone (the very thing the app is attempting to avoid) and navigating to the word. But your screen keeps falling asleep every 5 words? Blame Apple.

If reading books on your wrist does interest you for some reason, you’ll be able to use the $1 Wear Reader app to upload books from Dropbox or iCloud in ePub, DOCX, and text file formats.

This is a perfect example of why Apple recommends 5-10 second interactions with Apple Watch. It’s not only about battery life, but also the user experience overall. Not to mention holding your wrist up for much longer is ergonomically terrible, as Steve Jobs would put it.

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