Apple has announced a new “Slide Over” feature in iOS 9 that will allow users to run two iPad apps side-by-side. The feature was first reported by 9to5Mac as being in development for iOS 8, but was ultimately cut because it wasn’t ready. Earlier the same feature was introduced for full-screen apps on the new OS X El Capitan.

The feature is accompanied by a new app switcher that allows users to quickly swipe an app into place running at the width of an iPhone app alongside an iPad-sized app. Users can also switch to a view that shows to iPad-sized apps next to each other, but only on the iPad Air 2.

Users will also be able to shrink videos down and watch them while working in other apps by tapping incoming notifications.

Apps developed using Auto Layout and Size Classes for iOS 8 are already mostly compatible with most this feature. The two most recent iPad mini and both iPad Air models will support the “Slide Over” feature that puts one smaller app on screen, but as mentioned above only the iPad Air 2 will be able to use the full multitasking feature.

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