Earlier this week, Apple’s Shot on iPhone 6 ad campaign took the top Outdoor Lions prize at the Cannes Festival for the billboard and skyscraper advertisements, and now a photograph that was included in the campaign has also received its own Cannes Lion award.

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Cole Rise, whose photo depicts his friend standing in Rocky Mountain National Park, has won a Cannes Lion award in the Gold campaign. Similar to Apple’s Shot on iPhone World Gallery, Rise’s picture won in the Billboard/Street Posters category.

Rise is also the developer of the popular iPhone app Lite.ly, which allows photographers to make edits to their shots on the go. Rise explained to Om Malik how Apple is able to put pictures taken with iPhones on such monumental structures like billboards and skyscrapers, pointing out that it all comes down to dots-per-inch. On a billboard or skyscraper, which are viewed from far away, Apple can use low DPI photos, often around 12-15 dots per inch.

It’s insanely cool to see an iPhone photograph win a Cannes Award, especially one that was part of Apple’s Shot on iPhone campaign.

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