Apple this week appears to have started uploading full “replays” of Beats 1 shows to its Connect social network. Apple Music hosts including Zane Lowe, Julie Adenuga, and Ebro Darden have all shared full, unedited replays of their shows on their respective Connect pages over the past two days.

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This process appears to have started yesterday, without any official announcement by Apple. Prior to uploading full replays, each host would share a playlist with every song that was played during their show. Interviews were also often made available after the fact, as was Zane Lowe’s daily “World Record.” In other cases, however, shows hosted by talent such as Pharrell and Joshua Homme have been uploaded to Apple Music Connect in full following their airing since the beginning.

Replays have long been a called for addition to Apple Music’s Connect social network, so it’s nice to see that Apple is listening and paying attention to requests from users. It’s odd that, with Lowe, Adenuga, and Darden being the three flagship hosts on Beats 1, replays weren’t previously available, but it’s likely that Apple saw the playlists as an adequate replacement. Replays of shows hosted by other Beats 1 personalities like Travis Mills and Brooke Reese are not available yet, however.

You can listen to replays for Beats 1 shows on Apple Music Connect now.

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