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As anyone who’s tried one of the interactive demo units for the Apple Watch will know, it’s a pretty effective way to understand what the Watch can do. From a patent application published today, it appears Apple may be considering doing the same thing with future iPhones.

While iPhone users may consider the devices pretty self-explanatory, and wonder why such interactive displays might be needed, the patent text does give one clue. The description specifically references Bluetooth devices as a potential application of the technology.

An electronic device may include features that require communication with another electronic device. For example, a Bluetooth accessory offered for sale may require a separate electronic device, such as a cellular telephone, to operate particular features of the Bluetooth accessory. These features may be desirable to demonstrate to a potential customer considering a purchase.

It’s also possible the units could be used to demonstrate how the iPhone interacts with cloud services, like Apple Music.

We include our standard disclaimer: just because Apple patents something doesn’t mean it will do it, but it’s certainly an interesting idea.

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