The electronics repair site iFixit says that after it published its detailed teardown of the upcoming Apple TV hardware, Apple reached out to say that the company had violated the developer agreement and revoked the account that was used to obtain the device.

The iFixit app, which was previously available on the App Store for free, was tied to that developer account, meaning the app’s listing was removed along with the account. iFixit says they knew that Apple could potentially take issue with the teardown, but decided to move ahead with it anyway.

The team behind the app says they have no plans to re-release it at this time, and in some ways Apple may have actually done them a favor. The site had recently been more focused on overhauling its mobile web presence rather than upgrading the iOS app, which was already suffering from new iOS 9-related bugs they may not have had time to fix.

For now, iOS users looking for the latest iFixit guides will have to rely on the mobile website to get them.

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