Some iPhone 6s/Plus users are reporting a display glitch in Wallet and some other apps, where they get a permanently zoomed-in view after restoring from an iPhone 5/5S/5C. Apple has told owners that it is aware of the issue but does not currently have a fix other than setting up the phone as a new one.

When I open the Apple wallet app, the sides of the screen are cut off like it is zoomed in […]

Same issue here on an iPhone 6S. I can’t activate any cards since the button to input the activation codes is seemingly cut off […]

I spent 30 minutes on a support chat. [Apple] could only suggest trying a full phone restore (losing data in the process).

The issue is reportedly fixed in iOS 9.1 beta 3, and there is a clunky workaround in the meantime … 


You can temporarily switch on the Display Zoom feature in iOS: Settings > Display & Brightness > Zoomed. The wallet app then opens normally, and you can switch off zoom afterwards to return the display to normal.

Note you’ll lose a row of icons in Springboard and a lot of screen real estate. But Wallet will appear normal. I think an Apple developer multiplied instead of dividing or vice-versa.

The issue does not appear to depend on how the phone was restored, some of those affected reporting that they restored from iCloud while others restored from iTunes.

Via MacRumors

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