Following a slew of updates for iOS, OS X, tvOS and watchOS, Apple has also given its web portal some love too. Last week, Apple took iWork for iCloud out of beta. Today, Apple has added the Find My Friends web app to the site.

Mirroring the app for iOS, the web app shows a map of friends who have opted in to sharing your location with them; pins for each person are displayed on an Apple Maps map.

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Apple added Find My Friends as a default app on iOS 9 and are clearly trying to promote its usage. It is also available as a Today view widget on OS X El Capitan.   With iOS 8 and previous, Find My Friends was an optional download from the App Store … now it’s part of the OS itself and cannot be deleted.

Interesting, the Find My Friends web-app did not appear on at all. Try it out now on

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