After some complaints about app discoverability for the new Apple TV App Store that launched late last month, Apple appears to be rolling out curated categories for the storefront not unlike its App Store on iPhone and iPad.

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The new categories currently only include lists for gaming and entertainment apps, but it’s likely the curated lists will expand into other categories as Apple continues to enhance curation on the newly launched App Store.

Apple added top charts to the Apple TV App Store last week after first rolling out the store with just curated picks of select apps. We also got a look at some of the top selling/downloaded apps. At the time we noted that games were dominating both the Top Paid and Top Grossing charts, showing the Apple TV’s potential in that arena after years of not offering gaming apps. 

The new fourth generation Apple TV officially went on sale in initial launch countries late last month as the first of Apple’s set top box products to include a full-fledged App Store with an open app development platform.

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