While Apple had indicated earlier today that nobody would be getting their hands on an iPad Pro until Friday, it seems that some of you may be in luck and able to pick one up today.

When ordering through the app, AppAdvice noticed the pickup option allowed them to collect today from a number of Apple Stores. We’ve independently verified with Apple that this is isn’t a glitch – and they even have very limited numbers available today for walk-in purchases … 


We’ve also learned that the packaging looks very similar to a MacBook.

We’re told that stocks are already low for some models, though, so we’d strongly recommend purchasing online or via the app rather than just hoping for the best when you reach a store. Stores also have limited stocks of the Smart Cover and Logitech keyboard.

Sadly the immediate pickup option appears to be limited to U.S. stores: when I placed my order and checked for pickup options, I could get the keyboard today but the iPad Pro wasn’t available until Friday – the same day Apple promises to deliver it.

I’m not expecting to keep mine: I just want to try it out for a week. Then again, I said the same thing about the Watch and look how that turned out. Keep an eye out for an iPad Pro diary series starting on Friday or Monday. In the meantime, check out our review roundup to see what others are saying so far.

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