Interviewed by Bloomberg’s Emily Chang, leading tech investor Steve Jurvetson said that Steve Jobs was obsessed with returning to Apple during his NeXT days.

He was just obsessed with Apple […] He didn’t own a share of Apple [at the time but] felt this visceral pain when Apple was being beaten around in the public eye or in the press. He would always come to the same inevitable conclusion that Apple should bring him and the NeXT technology, the operating system, back into Apple.

Jurvetson admitted that he thought Jobs was nuts every time he raised the idea, but “of course, that’s exactly what happened.”

Jurvetson made the first ever venture capital investment in Hotmail, and currently sits on the board of Tesla and SpaceX among others companies. Asked how he got to know Jobs in those days, he said he “just asked” if he could learn from him.

Later on Jurvetson admits he’s not a fan of the Apple Watch because it doesn’t meet his charging requirements use case.


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