Cableyoyo, a classic Apple device cable manager that was also Bluelounge’s first product, has received a complete redesign after 10 years on the market — an eternity by the standards of tech products. Originally debuted as a thin box to hide computer cables, winding a wire inside a silver, white, or black plastic enclosure with a detachable, adhesive back, the new Cableyoyo has been reimagined as a metal-cored, rubber-bodied circle for use with headphones.

Unlike the original version, the new Cableyoyo design is small and soft enough to fit in a pocket, while using the same basic principle to wind cabling around a hard core. The polished metal center can provide a resting place for earbuds or larger earphones, alternately serving to wind the cabling of regular headphones. It can still be used with thicker computer cables, but isn’t as well-suited to that purpose as its predecessor.


Bluelounge is selling the new Cableyoyo in dark gray, light gray, or lime green starting today for $10. The original version, which remains better-suited to managing computer cabling at a desk, is being closed out for $7 online.

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