It’s no secret that former Florida governor Jeb Bush is a huge fan of his Apple Watch. Since the Apple Watch launched, the Republican presidential candidate has gone after the youth vote by showing off his Apple Watch and calling it a better option than Obamacare, despite labeling it unintuitive and power-hungry a few months later.

Jeb’s “iWatch,” as he often calls it, wasn’t dead earlier this week during an interview with the Des Moines Register’s editorial board, USA Today points out, as the presidential hopeful accidentally either placed or answered a phone call on it unknowingly. Jeb explained it away to the Iowa paper by declaring that he’d never had his “bat phone” turn on. Thankfully there’s video of this genuinely amusing moment.

And on the other side of the political aisle, Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi gave her own Apple Watch an equally entertaining product endorsement during President Obama’s State of the Union address last night …

The former Speaker and current Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives was caught on camera glancing and tapping her Apple Watch during the President’s last SOTU address to Congress. As Jeb would likely point out, Pelosi’s Apple Watch not needing a recharge after 9 pm at night is impressive on its own. My guess is this was a stand alert toward the end of the hour and some odd minutes long speech, but give us your best guesses too. [Update: good guess.]

And while Washington DC’s finest are thumbing around their Apple Watches this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook met behind closed doors with President Obama in a private meeting among White House officials and Silicone Valley execs to discuss national security and encryption. Cook’s position is unsurprising for anyone keeping up with this debate as we learned last night that he’s holding his position on strong encryption and no back doors despite government pressure to make exceptions for law enforcement officials.

Now back to those fantastic Apple Watch uh-ohs from Jeb Bush and Nancy Pelosi:

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