After our report yesterday, the not overly reliable Digitimes is claiming that the iPad Air 3 will come equipped with a 4K screen, as well as 4GB RAM and improved battery life. As usual, it cites unnamed supply chain sources for the claims.

Aside from the source of the latest rumor, a 4K display would give the iPad Air 3 a higher-resolution screen than the iPad Pro, which would seem unlikely. It’s also more Apple-like to opt for a slimmer device matching the battery life of existing iPads rather than increase the already great battery life. Perhaps the extra battery that they are seeing on the supply side is needed to get all the extra features to the standard 10-hour life…


We revealed yesterday that the iPad Air 3 is likely to be unveiled at a mid-March event, alongside the iPhone 5se and new Apple Watch goodies. A sketchy schematic earlier suggested the possibility of a rear-facing LED flash and additional speakers along the lines of the iPad Pro.

Apple does need to work hard to give iPad owners good reasons to upgrade, its latest earnings report revealing a 25% year-on-year fall in sales.

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