Following the revelation that Apple’s top lawyer Bruce Sewell will testify before Congress this coming week over encryption, another attorney for the company has sat down with CNN to discuss the ongoing case. In the interview, current Apple representative and former United States solicitor general Ted Olson discussed how what the government is asking Apple to do is “limitless.”

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Olson explained that if the tool that the government wants is created, any judge anywhere could essentially order to listen to any customer’s conversation, track location, and much more. The lawyer likened it to a Orwellian “big brother” type society.

When pressed about how Apple could potentially help fight terrorism by creating a tool to access locked devices, Olson explained that while Apple will help the government defeat terrorism in every way that it can, it can’t be done by breaking the Constitution. It was reported earlier this week that Apple plans to argue that the digital signature it uses to validate code is protected by the First Amendment as free speech.

Olson also said, however, that if the United States Supreme Court should rule in favor of court’s request to unlock the device he can’t imagine a situation in which Apple would defy a ruling from the Supreme Court, implying that Apple will comply if ordered to do so by the higher court. Olson added that he doesn’t see that happening though, as he and Apple are very confident in their argument.

You can watch the interview below:

Apple’s battle with the FBI over national security versus user privacy began last week and has since become one of the biggest and most complex stories in tech and politics. You can view all of our extensive coverage at the links below:

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