Many have long wondered just how many users are actively watching content on the Apple, and starting soon we’ll get a deeper look into those numbers. Nielsen, the company behind tracking statistics related to all sorts of entertainment, has announced today that it soon plans to start breaking out metrics for connected devices, including the Apple TV (via Variety).

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Starting on April 25th, Nielsen will make data available for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii. Nielsen already includes over-the-top device information in its C3 and C7 television ratings, but now much more detailed information will be available by device.

Specifically, Nielsen is looking to track how many homes in the United States own a connected device like the Apple TV and how much time is spent watching content on it versus traditional television. Nielsen will break the information out on a by-device basis, so we’ll be able to analyze Apple TV usage alone, as well as how it compares to other set-top boxes like Roku.

In a statement, Nielsen executive Sara Erichson explained the importance of tracking connected devices. Erichson explained that this data will allow for content creators to better now their total audience and for them to make more informed decisions regarding their content.

“The ability to know how many consumers use which brands of TV-connected devices, for how often and for how long, is critical for clients who need to make informed content decisions and understand their total audience,” said Sara Erichson, Nielsen exec VP of client solutions and audience insights.

Nielsen collects its information from a nationwide panel that includes 40,000 households with more than 100,000 TVs and 50,000 TV-connected devices. Soon, however, we’ll know much more about those TV-connected devices. Nielsen will begin making the data available on April 25th.

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