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Shortly after Apple released the fourth-gen Apple TV last year, Disney announced a $100 Disney Infinity 3.0 bundle based on Star Wars that included a controller and a Disney Infinity figurine stand. The package was designed to encourage people to download and play Disney Infinity 3.0 on their Apple TV, but now it looks like the company has no future plans to update the game (via TouchArcade).

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The news comes from a customer support reply in which a Disney representative said that “there are currently no plans for further updates to the Apple TV version.”

The team is currently focusing on the traditional gaming platforms. We are always evaluating and making changes, but there are currently no plans for further updates to the Apple TV version of the game. Please keep an eye out for further news about this, and feel free to contact Support if you have any questions:

It’s certainly disappointing to see such a large corporation in Disney to abandon an app after just four months on the market, especially when it was selling a $100 bundle to go along with it and encourage people to play. This also means that further characters won’t be supported on Apple TV, which Disney has acknowledged in a new disclaimer on its website, saying that not all content is available across all platforms.

Disney’s motives for making this decision are unclear, but it like boils down to putting resources towards markets with a stronger and more passionate gaming fan base, even if Apple once was promoting Disney Infinity 3.0 for Apple TV.

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