We got our first look inside the iPhone SE a couple of days ago when Chipworks took one apart. The company revealed then some of the mix of old and new components, but iFixit has now provided a closer look in its own teardown.

The main finding is that the entire display assembly is straight out of the iPhone 5S – right down to the FaceTime camera, which explains why that remained a paltry 1.2MP unit instead of the 5MP version in the iPhone 6S …


We already knew that the Touch ID unit was first-gen, and iFixit confirms that it is the exact same unit first introduced in the iPhone 5S.

There are a whole bunch of minor components also taken straight from the 5S, including the speaker and vibration motor. Other components see minor changes, like the Lightning connector, while the battery is a slightly beefier 1624mAh against the 1560mAh in the 5S.

iFixit gives the phone a repairability rating of 6/10, noting that the greatest risk is tearing the Touch ID cable when opening the casing. This is slightly worse than the iPhone 6S, which scored 7/10.

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