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Last month, Apple unveiled a new commercial for the iPhone and always-on Siri, and now the company has shared a new video showcasing the behind-the-scenes process of making the video. “Go behind the scenes of the commercial, with Cookie Monster and everyone’s favorite personal assistant, Siri,” Apple teases.

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The original ad, released last month, showcased the Cookie Monster using an iPhone 6s and hands-free Siri to make cookies. The Cookie Monster used hands-free Siri to control the timer while baking the cookies. In today’s new video, we get a closer look at the actual production process of the video. You can see some differences between the pre- and post-production videos, such as the differences in the Cookie Monster’s eyes.

The video also includes some footage that was not included in the original ad, which means that there could be potentially more advertisements from Apple that come starring the Cooke Monster, although we’ve only seen one so far.

Most recently, Apple shared a new Apple TV ad called “The Kiss” that focused on the Siri Remote and starred actress Allison Brie. The Siri Remote was used for saying things like “Siri, go back 7 seconds,” as well as “Siri, show me Game of Thrones,” while Apple Music was also highlighted.

The behind-the-scenes Cookie Monster video can be seen below:

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