Native Union makes some really well designed accessories for Apple products, and TAG is the latest to join its collection. TAG is a stylish Lightning cable meant to look attractive enough to carry on your key chain or loop around your bag.

The idea is that making a good looking Lightning cable will help ensure you actually have your charging cable when you’re on-the-go and need it.

Here’s how Native Union’s lead designer Fabien Nauroy describes the new TAG cable:

“In our modern day-to-day lives having a charging cable on you at all times has become a necessity. Our design approach when creating the TAG Cable was not only to make sure that you can charge your device when you need it most, but also to stylishly complement your fashion accessories.”

This is how that looks in action:

NATIVE UNION TAG Lightning cable 1

The cable itself is not especially noteworthy: it’s an ordinary Lightning to USB cable made of braided nylon, which I find to be more durable than standard USB cables, measuring about 4.5-inches when contained to remain compact.

What makes Native Union’s TAG Cable stand out is its Italian leather clochette which conceals most of the Lightning cable when not in use.

NATIVE UNION TAG Lightning cable 3

Native Union offers TAG Cable in two genuine leather options: black and tan. The premium Lightning cable for iPhones and iPads is available from today for $49.99 on Check out Native Union’s other high quality accessories for Apple gear on Amazon.

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