The latest Apple Campus 2 drone footage from Matthew Roberts shows the huge dirt pyramid shrinking as the earth is starting to be used for landscaping work.


The footage also gives a good sense of the scale of the campus, flying over the two-million square foot parking garage and 100,000sqft fitness center outside the spaceship building itself. The main R&D center is another completely separate building, and we also see multiple smaller R&D centers being constructed …

Some of the dirt from the pyramid is being used to cover the parking garage. There are foam blocks on top of the garage to create the shape, which is now being covered in earth.

In the open ground in the center of the spaceship, Apple is creating a garden and pond, and we can work on this at a very early stage.

Other work we can see are solar panels, fuel cells and generators for the facility which will be entirely powered by renewable energy.

When you’ve watched the video below, check out our Apple Campus 2 timeline for earlier footage.

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