First announced by Steve Jobs in 2006, Apple kicked off construction on its new 176-acre “Campus 2” in late 2013/early 2014 and expects to move in around 12,000 of its employees when the project is complete. Apple currently plans to wrap up construction by late 2016, so it’s possible the company could move into the new 2.8 million sq ft location starting sometime in early 2017.

Apple has been providing sporadic updates on progress on the site, but we have a more comprehensive timeline below that we’ll update as we follow along with Apple’s progress on the under-construction Campus 2 facility in Cupertino.

We start things off with video of Steve Jobs’ original presentation to city council in Cupertino back in April, 2006, where he first announced the company’s plans for Campus 2:

April, 2006:

-Steve Jobs announces Campus 2 plans to Cupertino City Council

June, 2011:

-Steve Jobs presents a proposal for the new campus to the City of Cupertino

First renders surface as Cupertino approves of proposal

June, 2012:

Detailed site plans and permits surface

Sept, 2012:

-Detailed blueprints & indoor renderings

New images of Apple’s Campus 2 building show amazing detail [Gallery]

April, 2013:

Report says Apple’s spaceship campus is $2B over budget

November, 2013:

New renders of Apple’s Spaceship HQ provide the most detailed view yet

February, 2014:

Earthwork and demolition begins


July, 2014:

City of Cupertino provides update on Apple’s Campus 2 progress with new aerial shot


August, 2014:

City of Cupertino shares official updated aerial shot of Apple’s Campus 2 and surrounding area

Apple ‘spaceship’ campus construction caught on film by flying drone

September, 2014:

Tim Cook says new Apple ‘Spaceship’ HQ will be the greenest building on the planet

Apple provides facts & figures to support “greenest building on the planet” claims

October, 2014:

Majority of Apple Campus 2 foundation laid according to latest drone video 

November, 2014:

Apple & Cupertino share new Campus 2 aerial shot showing construction progress

December, 2014:

Apple planning to spend $161 million on its own auditorium at ‘spaceship’ campus


January, 2015:

Apple shares updated aerial image showing Campus 2 construction progress

Apple Campus 2 progress shown off in 4K drone flyover video


February, 2015:

Apple provides first on the ground ‘sneak peek’ of its new campus as construction continues

Apple’s Campus 2 gets off the ground w/ erection of main structures in new drone flyover (4K Video)

-Apple shares latest official aerial shot through Cupertino’s website (Feb. 17):


-Tim Cook inspects the last of 2400 giant glass panels for Campus 2 at glass maker seele in Augsburg (Feb. 23):

Apple shares new Campus 2 aerial shot of construction progress on city site (Feb. 28)

Apple Campus 2 Cupertino

March, 2015:

Latest 4K drone video of Apple Campus 2 posted, roof now started

-Apple shares new official aerial shots in March

-March 23


-March 25

Apple recycled water project for Cupertino & Campus 2 approved amid California drought concerns

-March 30


New Apple Campus 2 drone flyover gives up close look at construction progress (in 4K!)

April, 2015:

-April 3

Beautiful aerial photography shows Apple’s latest Campus 2 construction progress


-April 6

Apple Campus 2 Cupertino

-April 14

Apple Campus 2

-April 21 


Reader @AsimMomin22 sent in this shot taken during a recent flight over the site:


April 28, 2015: Apple’s latest official aerial shot via The City of Cupertino


May, 2015:

May 1st: Apple shares a new image showing construction progress:


May 12:


May 12: Drone master @myithz sent in these new photos of Campus 2 from 375ft up:

May 18: Drone flies low to give first close-up look at Apple’s new Campus 2 auditorium (Video)

May 19:

Campus 2 May 19

May 27:


June, 2015:

June 5: The latest official aerial shot from Apple:


June 30: Latest Apple Campus 2 drone flyover shows the spaceship taking off

July 14:

Apple Campus 2

August, 2015:

Aug 19:

Apple Campus 2 Aug 2015

Aug 31:


Aug 31: Drone pilot Duncan Sinfield shares a new flyover of the site (via MacRumors)

October, 2015:

October, 5: new drone footage courtesy of MyithZ:

October, 19: Apple shares Campus 2 aerial shot showing progress on solar panels, glass walls, and more:


October, 26: Apple’s latest Campus 2 aerial shot with an angle that shows the significant progress made on the main circular structure in recent months:

Campus 2-Oct-26-2015

November, 2015:

November, 1: A new drone flyover from Duncan Sinfield (via MR):

November, 17: Apple’s latest official aerial shot via the City of Cupertino:


November, 21: A new official aerial shot via the City of Cupertino:


December, 2015:

December, 4: A new drone flyover from Duncan Sinfield (via MR) shows off a ton of progress made in recent weeks including on the underground auditorium Apple is building not far from the main circular building:

December, 20: Some new footage courtesy of this month’s 60 Minutes piece on Apple.  apple-Campus-2-60-minutes

December, 21: Apple’s latest aerial shot of Campus 2 via The City of Cupertino:


January, 2016:

Jan 4: Apple’s latest aerial shot of Campus 2 construction progress via the City of Cupertino:


Feb, 2016:

Feb 1: Latest Apple Campus 2 flyover gives up close look as exterior nears completion [Video]

Feb 2: Apple latest official aerial shot via the City of Cupertino:


Feb 8: Another official aerial shot from Apple via the the City of Cupertino:


Feb 22: New photos of glass panels, the largest curved pieces of glass in the world,  recently installed at Campus 2 (via DailyMail):

Mar, 2016:

Mar 3: Apple makes progress on Campus 2 solar panels, R&D facility, auditorium & more in latest flyover [Video]


Mar 7: Apple shares details & photos of Campus 2 ‘Theatre’ where it will hold future product launches

Mar 29: Apple’s latest aerial photo of Campus 2 construction progress via City of Cupertino. 


Apr, 2016:

Apr 27: Ground-level video takes us for a walk through Apple’s Campus 2

May, 2016:

May 2: Apple Campus 2 drone flyover shows progress on the Theatre, solar panels, R&D facility & more [Video]

Apple’s Current General Construction Schedule: