Two new drone videos are up, showing the latest progress on the Apple Campus 2 construction. The outer facade of the main building is now almost complete, along with around half the solar panels on the roof, with far fewer cranes now operating. The team has also been busy on the landscaping front, with lots of new trees throughout the site.

The maintenance facility is growing, construction of a new security building is underway on the Tantau Avenue side of the campus and the main parking garages look pretty much complete – with 300 charging stations for all those Teslas Apple employees favor


The underground auditorium for future Apple keynotes is slowly being covered in dirt and foam, and in the open ground in the centre of the main ring we can see preparation underway for a garden, lake and outdoor dining area. When completed, the lake will be surrounded by trees native to the area.

Matthew Roberts’ video focuses on highlighting the changes seen over time, while Duncan Sinfield’s version contains facts and figures. The main spaceship building, for example, is 57 feet tall at the outer edge, rising to 75 feet in the centre. We also learn that while Apple tried to buy all the nearby apartments, negotiations failed. It has managed to buy most of them, with permission granted to demolish the existing units and build three times as many, with Apple employees likely to be bidding for them. Here’s a recent shot showing where the property backs against the campus:


Last we noted that Apple recently started preparing for finishing touches on the site as it extended the construction schedule into 2017. The company plans to wrap up landscaping work by the second quarter of next year, while the building construction timeline gets extended three months to the end of 2016.

As always, you can follow along with construction progress in our timeline.

Below are the two videos, both of which are shot in 4K. Our thanks to both Matthew and Duncan for sharing them.

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