Update: The Apple employee that took the picture asked that we take it down. Above is a picture of the same spots (only 4 Teslas) from Google Streetview.

Apple and Tesla have had a rocky relationship when it comes to poaching employees from each other, but that doesn’t mean Apple employees aren’t fond of Tesla’s work. This is very apparent by this Reddit thread, initiated by an Apple employee. The image attached to the thread shows seven Teslas parked right outside of Apple’s headquarters.

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The seven Teslas occupy almost all of the electric charging stations outside of Apple’s front entrance, though there are others at other various spots throughout the campus. Of the seven parked out front, there are 2 Model X cars, 4 Model S cars, and yes, even one Roadster.

Teslas are incredibly popular among Apple employees and there are likely more than just these six scattered throughout parking at Apple’s HQ. In fact, on Google’s Street View for the area, you can see four Teslas parked out front.

Given that Apple is working on its own electric vehicle under the “Project Titan” moniker, the relationship publicly hasn’t been the best between Apple and Tesla. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has referred to Apple as the “Tesla graveyard.” Musk’s comments came during what a poaching war between Apple and Tesla, with both companies poaching employees from the other. Musk has also said that it’s an “open secret” Apple is building an electric car.

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