Following an update late last month from the City of Cupertino on progress being made at Apple’s currently under construction Campus 2 project, now the City has shared an official updated aerial photo of the site from Apple. 

Last month the city shared the first official photo with an overhead shot showing the entire campus and surrounding area. Today’s shot shows that progress is continuing on the main structure’s foundation and surrounding campus, but also gives us a wider field of view for a nice perspective of how the site fits into the surrounding city. Previously a number of amateur aerial shots of Apple’s Campus 2 popped on Instagram and elsewhere online.

As for the building schedule, the City of Cupertino continues providing updates on road closures and traffic updates related to the project, but as of today’s update its timeline for completion of the campus (below) remains end of 2016.


Some more shots of the site were posted today by KCBS news and traffic reporter @sky1ron:

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10 Responses to “City of Cupertino shares official updated aerial shot of Apple’s Campus 2 and surrounding area”

  1. It’s coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing the final product.


  2. Is it only me, or does someone else out there think that this has got to stop at a point? My perspective is that in this post 9/11 era, we might just want to constantly think about the security implications of displaying the nooks and corners of ‘public’ buildings (I know Apple is not ‘public’ in that sense, but in a way it is just like any other organization). While it is exciting to see the much expected building go up, I think these areal views should stop before the office spaces, passage ways etc. become defined. Any picture taken after point that should be at the ground level. These pictures are seen all over the world.

    Look at it this way, you just cannot walk into the offices of IBM, Dell or any Formula 1 team, for example, demanding to see the layout of the place! You can’t even do that in the current Apple’s HQ! The bottom line is that in this day and age, with all sorts of wackos out there thinking and doing all sorts of abominable things, do not give this to them on a platter.


  3. I got internal campus 2 screenshots and schematics ;)