Apple is celebrating ten years of iTunes Movies by making bundles of ten available for just $10. The bundles encompass titles from five major studios across Comedy, Drama and Action Adventure genres.

At effectively $1/ea, a lot of these top tier moves from major US studios are no-brainer purchases, if only to have something to watch on airplanes or for the kids. Head below for a breakdown of all the deals:


And while you have iTunes open, you might as well rent Zoolander No. 2 since it’s only $0.99 right now.

Apple added movies to iTunes in 2006, when there were just 75 titles available, all owned by Disney. Today there are 85,000 titles available.

Apple announced the deal on Twitter, where there are a number of complaints from those in other countries that it is US-only. Don’t hang around if you want to take advantage – it runs for today only.

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