Update: Apple is also showing the October 14 date for Macao, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro and Turkey, and it’s likely we’ll see more countries added soon.

Apple Premium Reseller iStore has tweeted that the iPhone 7 is coming to South Africa on October 14, with the information confirmed on both its website, above, and now Apple’s site too. We heard a week ago that it will be hitting India on October 7.

ET News is also reporting that Apple’s new iPhone is expected to be launched in Samsung’s home market of South Korea a week later, on October 21 – though it notes that this is not yet certain.

Through discussion that took place [yesterday], Apple Korea and three mobile network providers have decided to release the iPhone 7 on the 21st of October, based on final approval from Apple Headquarters.

Apple products are currently sold in South Korea only by third parties, but it appears that Apple has plans to take on Samsung directly on its home turf …


It was reported last week that Apple is scouting out locations for its first official Apple Store in the country, with one possible location directly across the street from Samsung’s HQ in Seoul.

Korea is traditionally patriotic in its smartphone purchases, with local companies Samsung and LG together accounting for around 80% of all sales. The launch of the iPhone 7 later this month, followed by an Apple Store next year, could help dent that number.

Samsung’s problems with its flagship Galaxy Note 7 exploding and having to be recalled should certainly help Apple position the iPhone as an appealing alternative.

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