Nest has introduced a pretty substantial update to its iOS and Android apps, bringing Nest Aware customers the ability to easily create, save, and share video clips straight from the Nest app. The iOS app also adds support for Apple TV, so you can quickly check out your Nest Cam feeds straight from your couch…

In its blog post, Nest describes two ways that you can use the new version of the app to share video clips from your Nest Cam. (Unfortunately, you must have a Nest Aware subscription for this feature.) You can create an “instaclip,” which automatically makes the clip based on auto detection of the action, or you can go with a custom clip that lets you pick where it begins and ends. From there, just create a link to the video or save it to your camera roll and share away.

The second big addition with this update is support for Apple TV (and Android TV). This lets you use your Apple TV directly to check out your Nest Cam feeds. You can easily toggle between feeds and even rewind through video history in case you think you might have missed something.


There are also a few more minor features, which you can read about in the full change log:

In just two taps, Nest Cam customers with Nest Aware can now create, save, and share video clips from the Nest app. Video clips are automatically stored in your camera’s online clip archive, and you can save them to your phone’s camera roll or share them with family and friends.

If you have iOS 10 installed, you will now see notifications with a thumbnail image of your Nest Cam activities on your lock screen. Nest Aware customers can use 3D Touch or swipe left and select View to see a preview of the captured video activity without opening the Nest app.

Now it’s easy to view your Nest Cam video feed and history in fullscreen mode without rotating your phone. Simply tap the down arrow icon below the camera feed window and your camera window will expand to full screen while in portrait mode.

Have an Apple TV 4th Generation? Download the new Nest app from your Apple TV and enjoy the convenience of monitoring your home and viewing all of your Nest Cam live video feeds right from your TV.

We’ve added a new and faster way to navigate, view, and edit Notification settings for all your devices from a central location in your Home settings menu.

You can grab the Nest app from the App Store and Google Play Store for free.

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