Earlier today, Apple finally made its truly wireless AirPods available via its online store, but as expected, shipping times started slip nearly instantly. Now, Best Buy this evening has started selling AirPods via its website, but unfortunately with the same four-week shipping window…

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On its website, Best Buy lists the AirPods as available for purchase, but notes that they are “temporarily” out of stock and won’t ship until the second week of January. Best Buy offers the AirPods for the same $159 price point and, like Apple, offers free shipping.

It’s unclear at this point if Best Buy will also start receiving in-store retail stock of the AirPods. Apple Stores are expected to start receiving “regular shipments” of the product beginning next week.

Best Buy may be a better point of purchase for users who are invested in the retailer’s rewards program, which offers things like longer return and exchange windows and discounts. For most, however, Apple will likely be the fastest way to get your hands on AirPods.

AirPods were originally expected to be available in October, but Apple delayed the launch in an effort to further perfect the product. The delay was somewhat surprising to users and there was doubt that Apple would even get the product out before 2017, but albeit with shortages, Apple hit that goal.

If you were hoping to get your hands on a pair of AirPods for the holiday gift giving season, we’ve rounded up some alternatives for you here. If you’re determined to acquire AirPods, though, Apple retail stores will likely be your best bet at this point.

If you want to purchase AirPods through Best Buy, you can do so here for $159 with free shipping.

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