To celebrate Canada Day and the country’s 150th anniversary taking place July 1st this weekend, Apple today released a new shot on iPhone campaign that includes photos and a short film titled “A Portrait of Canada”.

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The company worked with three Canadian artists on the project including Humble the Poet, photographer Caitlin Cronenberg and First Nations band A Tribe Called Red, each contributing words, images and music used in the video below. Their work was combined with photos shot by iPhone users across Canada to make up the rest of the visuals, and the song featured is “Suplex featuring Northern Voice” by A Tribe Called Red.

Humble the Poet writes and performs original words that speak to Canada’s progressive ideals…Caitlin Cronenberg’s images and video embody the beauty and diversity of the nation…

The film is set to the track “Suplex featuring Northern Voice” by A Tribe Called Red, who incorporate musical traditions from their First Nations heritage into contemporary styles. “We feel it’s so important to be present and involved in this mainstream conversation around inclusivity,” says Ian Campeau, a member of the group. “Our roots, our differences and our history are important as we establish a new day for the relationship between Indigenous Nations and Canada.”

You can view the full 30 second spot below:

Head below for a full gallery of photos from the campaign:

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