Apple has teamed up with Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler to offer a new perk for customers buying certain CarPlay-equipped cars. From May, eligible vehicles will come with a 6 month Apple Music trial, which typically runs $9.99 per month.

Apple has partnered with Volkswagen in Europe and Fiat in the US to giveaway these extended trials. New Apple Music subscribers will be able to take advantage of the full six month free offer, existing subscribers can get 3 months free. More details after the jump …

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As Spotify heads to IPO, Apple Music has been growing strongly in domestic markets. This latest promotion is just another rung on that ladder to encourage subscriptions. At last count, Apple has about half the number of paying subscribers as Spotify.

This offer helps promote Apple Music and CarPlay, in a move that echoes deals some car manufacturers already tout with satellite radio services like SiriusXM.

For US car buyers, Fiat Chrysler will bundle Apple Music with new Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, and Jeep cars that comes with CarPlay as standard. In Europe, Volkswagen is the provider; free 6 months of Apple Music with the purchase of a VW CarPlay vehicle.

Just like the standard 3-month trial, the Apple Music subscription will auto-renew after the free period ends if not cancelled. The promotion will start on May 1st and run through April 30 next year, although it is possible Apple will renew its deals if it sees enough conversion.

CarPlay is becoming a standard option on many new vehicles, but only Chrysler and Volkswagen buyers will be able to take advantage of the free Apple Music promotion for the time being.

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