To improve the safety of both its customers and its drivers, Uber is now pushing out a more aggressive background check program to ensure drivers are fit for the job.

Axios reports that Uber is working with Checkr and Appriss to provide continuous real-time background checks.

Through Appriss’s real-time collection of data, Uber will be notified if a driver is newly charged with a criminal offense. From there, Uber can decide if it wants to suspend a driver from its service to prevent unsafe behavior.

The new system rolling out now will benefit both Uber drivers and customers. A more aggressive, continuous background check program could weed out potentially dangerous drivers before they pick up their first customer. This could be positive for the company and its drivers by creating a more trustworthy brand.

Also, drivers who have been ineligible due to previous offenses could become more easily eligible again once their issues have been resolved.

Notably, the new initiative was just rolled out this month and has led to the removal of 25 drivers so far.

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